Senju solo exhibition in Tokyo, Japan August 24 -29.

My “36 Views Of Mount Fuji” shunga print series will be shown to the public for the first time at the beautiful Bumpodo gallery. Curated by Dub-agent, Tokyo. If you are in Japan at this time, I look forward too seeing you there!


an erotic image showing a woman tied with ropes in the manner of kinbaku or shibari. By Swedish artist Senju.

Bijinga (pictures of beautiful women).

During the Edo period, this was one of the main genres of Ukiyo-e woodblock prints. I intend to move this type of portrait into our modern times, presenting a more diverse and inclusive beauty ideal. As a disciple of traditional Japanese art forms I will work within certain parameters, yet aiming to find new paths of expression.

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A seductive and sensual erotic portrait in traditional Japanese nihonga painting style. A shunga work by Senju.

Exclusive print edition on Japanese washi paper from Awagami paper mill.

The first  three prints in this ongoing art collector’s edition have now been released. Marking a distinct turning point in my artistic evolution, it is only natural that these sensual kinbaku depictions leads the way towards a new and exiting time. This Kinbaku washi paper edition will only be printed in 5 copies.

Click here to explore this edition at the Two Cranes Gallery.


After one year of hard work, the shunga print series “36 Views Of Mount Fuji” is now complete.

What began as an homage to the genius of the famous Japanese artist Katsuchika Hokusai, evolved into a life changing artistic metamorphosis.

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“Hana no kurabe (a comparison of flowers) kinbaku print series.

After establishing a new style of painting more reminiscent of traditonal Japanese art forms such as Ukiyo-e, Kuchi-e and Nihonga, I have set out to create a new series of Kinbaku prints.

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