The Senju Manifesto

About Senju

An artist is a autobiography in making. Words jumble up and and nothing is really what one thought it was going be… 

Works 2019

Following years of experimentation and personal growth, this year saw the birth of a more refined style fully exploring the possibilities of digital painting in the Senju style.

Works 2013-2018

This period was a personal journey from nothing to everything. Great discoveries were made and expression took shape in form and colour.

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The erotic and sensual art of Senju is available as limited edition prints in various sizes on a multitude of papers.


Explore the thoughts and ideas behind the art of Senju. Journeys, personal stories and inspirations.

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The Kagami Book

Featuring 54 erotic paintings by Senju spanning the years 2013-2018. This is a limited edition deluxe softcover volume where each individual painting is accompanied buy an in depth explanatory text.

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