The visual exploration of erotica and sensuality is for me like an ever expanding universe. An infinite void to fill with my inspirations, emotions and experiences. Brush and paint to canvas is a sensual odyssey in it self. Add further mediums and materials to the work and there no longer appears to be a limit to possibilities presenting themselves. My personal taste is the only path and I paint for me and myself only. Nevertheless, I sincerely hope the viewer can find something of themselves and their erotic world present in my work. Is the ability to place one self within the fantasy that is the core of the erotic?

I blend the romantic with the raw physical, sensuality with pornography. Caressing gently sometimes. Aprecciating the touch of silk and hair and skin. At other times lust takes the brush and leads me down hallways of pleasure and sensation. Call things for what they are but never forget the heart!

My paintings are available for purchase in my online shop or through various galleries.


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