Erotic Shunga Art by Senju

Choosing the erotic and sensual as my artistic voice I intend to explore my own inner world of emotions as well as attempt to challenge structures surrounding gender, sexuality and our innermost secrets. What is my true heart? For a deeper journey into what makes my art please explore my writings

Shunga Prints

Gallery showing the erotic Shunga art of Senju. Paintings romancing the traditional concepts of Japanese erotica and sensualism.

"Entering The Palace" Erotic Shunga art by Senju


Gallery showing the erotic paintings of Senju. Canvas, paper, wood. Modern Shunga art with an eye on the contemporary.


gallery Showing the photography of Senju. the main body of work is images captured in Japan from 2006 and onwards. These works are not erotica. They illustrate the visual and sensual world from which Senju gathers inspiration for his erotic Shunga art.

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