erotic, arotica, shunga, porn, irezumi, japanese tattoo

My Shunga painting “Kikubatake” shows a young woman elaborately tattooed in a sensual fashion. The irezumi (traditional Japanese tattoo) design is based on Kimono patterns.

Shunga and the erotic keeps me warm inside. As the month of april has passed easter the wind is still carrying frost up here in the north of Sweden I am revealing a completely new work. “Kikubatake” is in reality a new version of a painting I did about two years ago titled “Benten Kozo (mitate). As time slowly moves on and ahead and my style becomes closer to what is really in my heart I will attempt recreations of earlier works.

As you live with a painting on a daily basis you really get to know them well, and I have felt that this female character was not really fully developed in her earlier incarnation, so I simple set out about three weeks ago to help her re-incarnate. The more I paint and the more my style develops it has become obvious that I spend more time creating each piece, constantly evaluating and re-evaluating even the most insignificant choices of colors. Giving birth to my art is becoming a far more costly task than I did imagine when I first started with my Shunga art project back in 2011.

The last couple of months have been spent tattooing more than I usually do and energy has been a thing subjected to rigorous rationing. Sometimes there is simply not enough to go around. I hope I will soon acquire the minutes and moments I need for properly getting this blog running smoothly on a weekly basis. I have things to say, questions to ask and stories to re-tell.