The World of Senju Shunga

the erotic in words and images
shunga painting showing woman in clogs getting fucked

Inside the Artistic Mind of Senju.

What is the idea behind my erotic art? A peek inside the mind of an artist.

a beautiful japanese court lady sensually licking a flower

Erotic Art Gallery

Enter the palace of  wet dreams that is the domain of Senju.

a sensual erotic Japanese beauty smoking a pipe

In Private

View the catalogue of original art, prints, books and other things available for purchase and collecting.

“I love the traditional Japanese art style with beautifully detailed labia and over exaggerated monster cocks. Harmlessly graphic, totally stimulating, yet each line and shape makes his work so incredibly graceful.”

Reed Amber Thomas-Litman

Presenter / Vlogger / Videographer, Come Curious YouTube Channel

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Erotic print by Senju


The French edition Pop Culture website KONBINI talked to me about my art and my relationship to the erotic and sensual. In order to find out for yourself please go here

erotic print by Senju


Nicoletta Rolla of Italian motolife web magazine CICADA WHEELS talked to me about what goes on in my erotic art and my idea of sensuality. Read about it here

Erotic art by Senju


The SHUNGAGALLERY.COM wrote a couple of very interesting articles analyzing the erotic art of Senju. I recommend everyone to pay them a visit in order to find out more about me and also to enjoy a great resource. You will find them here.

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