Sexuality is perhaps one of our most primal and most personal ways of expressing ourselves. We long for intimacy, closeness and the touch of another human being. The visual depiction of sex goes back to the beginning of humankinds first attempts at artistically interpret the world around us. Through the introduction of monotheistic religions and the power structures based on oppression and guilt that inevitably follows in the trail of such systems, our sexuality has become a hostage to everything but the heart and the soul.
Pornography has become a commodity peddled and we have become consumers instead of creators. Sex is being labeled and packaged as pastime and escapism. It is regarded as shameful, ugly and sinful. It has also become a catalyst for male aggression and emotional insecurity. All my life I have found this strange and unnatural. Patriarchal cultural structures, hypocrite morals, intolerance, homophobia and other psychosocial delusions regarding sexuality still rears their ugly heads.
It is all this and so much more that has inspired me to start creating my own erotica and pornography. I want to explore where I belong and also find my own sensual voice in this labyrinth of the dark, wet, warm, tingling, intimate, poetic, beautiful thing that is the erotic. Can pornography be removed from the minds exploiting our desires and innermost hearts? Can it be Ours to define and to create? I certainly believe so.
I have chosen the form of Shunga (japanese Edo period pornographic drawings, prints and paintings) to be the starting point for exploring and showing my personal fantasies and desires. Not all things I create are ones that speaks to me erotically. Sometimes I want just to experiment, shock or ask questions about tolerance, empathy or why certain things are regarded as taboo. I invite you to enjoy my visual eroticisms and hope each and everyone can find something to make their day and night a little bit more wonderful.
/ Senju Horimatsu

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