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The Shunga painting “Entering the Palace”by Senju Horimatsu. Fine Art reproduction on heavy matte paper.

I am currently exploring the path of being an artist in its full sense of the word, and I am enjoying every moment! After 26 years of tattooing the world of my art is finally coming into full bloom. What a tremendous joy to create freely and without any other consideration than what pleasures me. This of course means that new art will be created and that there will be new prints added to the Gallery Store almost on a weekly basis. I have plans for collecting the shunga into hardbound books that in them selves will be works of art, and I have plans for more paintings, textile experimentations such as scarves, tote bags and clothing. There will also be handmade and fully functional sex toys which will blend the worlds of getting aroused by viewing a work of erotic art and then using it for your own pleasure.

I begin this with adding three of my analogue paintings on canvas to the Gallery Store as limited edition prints. Enjoy 🙂