Handcrafted from Japanese paper the Senju Shunga Deluxe box set contains 21 prints of Your choice.

The idea to create a Senju Shunga boxed set is something that actually popped into my head sometime during spring this year. As most of you probably have figured out by now, my love for everything Japanese know virtually no limit. Creating and crafting a box that would feature a large collection of my limited edition Shunga prints was something so tempting and so inspiring I just had to give it a try. In Umeå , far up north in Sweden, very few things are hard to come by but Japanese paper of different kinds would seem to be such a thing. Fortunately we are blessed with a local, family owned paper store by the name of Sandbergs Pappershandel that stocks all things imaginable and yes of course, beautiful Japanese papers as well.

Since May or so I have cast eyes full of desire on the rolls of wonderful paper just standing there in a basket, but time has proved unobtainable, perhaps also will and inspiration, and I have instead continued to paint for my upcoming book, tattooed and done a thousand other creative things. So, finally, early last week the right moment surfaced and I seized the tiger by its tail.

Now the three first  Shunga boxes have been created and I am very pleased with the result. There is something sensual and delicate when it comes to Japanese paper in all its variations and I have a large box full of pieces of Kimono patterned Origami paper in different sizes and colors. I probably have more than enough but I know my resistance to further purchases  is practically zero when I see some new designs that will perhaps make my collection more complete.

For the wrapping of the Shunga prints I chose very silky paper with clearly visible fibers and threads.

As some of the collectors of my prints have expressed the desire for something that would be a more complete collection (since I paint daily there will never be a “complete” collection), I have chosen to include 21 Senju Shunga prints in this boxed set. Also I feel it is important that the collector can choose  the content themselves, since quite a few have already purchased at least one or two prints already. If a client decides to purchase a box they can simply email me and let me know their desires for that particular box. Also there is a rather large discount when obtaining the Senju Shunga box.

I decided to limit the number of boxes to 13. First and foremost to make them more special. If there were a thousand boxes there would be no reason to make them and very little inclination to purchase and own one. Art should be personal as much as possible. A conversation in-between artist, the work and the viewer. Like sharing a cup of Sake in the company of intimate friends, snuggling up around a table somewhere cosy, while the rain hammer and drenches the street outside the window.


The gold paint is unique to every single Senju Shunga box created. Everything is hand cut, hand folded and designed by myself.

The idea of doing everything myself as far as that is possible is something I learned through playing in punk bands, becoming a self-thaught tattooer and artist and of course by visiting Japan many times. I hope that my humble efforts will be appreciated by you and that you will continue to show interest in my erotic art.


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If you are interested in how and why I create my contemporary Shunga please go here