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Shunga Print “Autumn”. New and re-designed edition of 15 copies in collaboration with Lan’s Gallery in Hong Kong.


Oban size (25,4 x 38 cm)
New Limited Edition of 15 prints.
Created June-August 2013

The Image

This erotic print portrays a woman of maturity. To me this is a highly erotic scene and one of my personal favorites. She has a snake tattooed across her thighs in the traditional Japanese way (Irezumi) suggesting self reliance and a strong, calm personality. In the reflection of her mirror she poses without any shame. presenting you with an uncompromising yet relaxed view of her pussy.  She tells me her stories with confidence, of knowing her heart’s desires and how she is no others property.

If you want to become close and enter her world you have  to reveal your true heart and in doing so be prepared to share intimacy, not only of her bed but also of your true inner self. What you as a viewer give is what you will receive. This is a daunting task perhaps, nevertheless one full of treasure. Not only will you find sublime pleasure but the viewer will also her or him self. Only through undisclosed honesty and deep compassion will you taste her sweetness and experience true passion.

The Poem

For this print I have chosen a Haiku poem by Masaoka Shiki.

Ki giku shira giku

hito moto wa aka mo


In english we can read these words,

Yellow mums, white mums –

as for me, I crave a red

chrysanthemum too!

In Edo period Shunga, the Kiku (chrysanthemum) is often used as a metaphor for the anus as a point of pleasurable penetration and stimulation. Though this flower is more commonly used as a reference to Nanshoku, same sex love in-between men, I have nevertheless chosen to use it in my Shunga print as a reference to anal pleasure in a heterosexual context. In consciously doing so I am in no way trying to label the woman in the Shunga print or any prospective viewer as hetero. Since my erotic work flows from my own personal imagination and erotic fantasies this is simply the way I was thinking at the tie of creating this image. You as a viewer are completely free to attach your own lustful fantasies to any of my works. So much better if you do!

As a victim of this fast spinning, media consuming digital world of today, human sexuality and eroticism has become sadly attached to the physical and the surface. Lust seems to belong to the young and the physically perfected. As if the Intimate is something that can be achieved through perfecting certain sexual  skills and using almost theatrical performances mimicking the shallow nonsense presented as pornography on the glowing screens of an increasingly detached generation of human beings. If you search communities like Pinterest using the keyword “erotic” you will consequently be presented with a seemingly  endless stream of images showing young women with “perfect” bodies posing for the eyes of men who do not dare to explore their deeper emotions.

Still I don’t want extend blame on individual human beings in this. They are all victims of being exposed to a dangerously streamlined ideal of sexuality and the human body. Furthermore, it is the culture of not questioning the gender structure in our societies and communities that is perhaps the largest single issue regarding this irritating status quo regarding sexuality and its portrayal. In conclusion; if you don’t know your true inner self, how can you claim to know anything at all?

One of the driving forces behind my artistic urge to create Shunga prints and erotica is the idea that I can perhaps change peoples perceptions regarding the sexual, the intimate, the lustful as well as themselves. I hope that I can continue to create art that will support this idea of grasping the heart and the human reality we seem to miss out on so much and in doing so I also hope to create images that are erotic, playful, horny and simply more compassionate pornographic.



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